Why Is Gutter Cleaning in Burnham-on-Sea So Important?

Gutter Cleaning At Burnham On Sea House

A vital part of protecting your home from the elements is gutter cleaning, and in Somerset there are few better gutter cleaning services than ProClean999 covering the Burnham-on-Sea area. As external cleaning specialists, in this post, we answer the most important gutter cleaning question….

Why Is It So Important To Get Gutters Cleaned?

Where there are pitched, tiled roofs and English weather, the guttering and downpipes/drainpipes are part of a vital system for drainage and keeping your home free of leaks, damp, mould (and associated health problems), and damage. Many things grow, collect, are dropped/deposited onto, or break off from your roof. Rain and gravity mean that these end up being washed into and building up in the guttering. This causes blockages and can form a well-irrigated base for other vegetation e.g., grass and moss to grow, thereby causing further blockages. Heavy downpours or persistent rain, combined with the blockages can cause:

  • Overflowing gutters which can damage and stain the walls below, cause leaks and damp patches on ceilings (damaging plaster) and damage to edge of the roof, leading to the growth of mould/fungus (and associated smells and health risks).
  • Blocked downpipes feeding into gutters – leading to overflowing gutters.
  • Blocked downpipes leading down from the guttering.
  • Damage to the guttering and fascias.
  • If you live in a terraced or semi-detached property, overflowing water from your blocked gutters could damage a neighbour’s property. This could lead to further expense, embarrassment, and could negatively affect your relationship with your neighbours.
  • Moss and other debris being deposited on patios/paths and in garden spaces below, some of which can be difficult to remove.

All of this damage can be costly, potentially dangerous (working on ladders/scaffolding), and time consuming to fix.

Also, with freezing/below freezing temperatures in the Winter, if there is standing water in the guttering, this could freeze, expand, and damage the gutters perhaps causing cracks, or the need to replace sections of guttering.

Getting your gutters cleaned regularly by a local, specialist external cleaning company can, therefore:

  • Save you money by preventing the need for costly repairs.
  • Ensure that the gutters are thoroughly cleaned, and any potential problems are correctly identified. This is because your local Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset gutter-cleaning specialists (ProClean999) are experiences, knowledgeable, and use the latest vacuum gutter cleaning equipment.
  • Give you peace-of-mind knowing that however much it rains, your guttering and downpipes are clear, fully operational and taking the water away from your home.
  • Protect your health e.g., by reducing the chances of damaging mould/fungus forming.
  • Protect the garden/patio below from the kind of dirt and damage that can result from overflowing gutters.
  • Protect you from all the unnecessary risks and hassle of attempting to clean the gutters yourself.

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